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When Is Enough Enough?

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Many of my fellow divorced women friends had that moment in their marriage when they knew enough was enough.


One of my friends knew when her son came home from school and asked, “Dad stayed home from work again and did nothing on the couch all day?” She knew she couldn’t allow her children to continue to be raised in an environment with a chronically unemployed, often drunk, uninvolved father.


For another, it was when her ex said he never wanted their second child, and he was going to start sleeping with other women, no matter what she said.  For me, it happened one night when my ex had been out with his buddies for the 12th night in a row. I realized I could no longer stand being in a miserable, lonely marriage.


We all have our breaking points. But where’s the benchmark when we say, “Enough’s enough!” No one can answer that but you. I’m not advocating leaving a marriage without trying.


I always recommend people go to counseling. But I think many of us have that “AHA!” moment where we realize the pain has to end.


I’d love to hear about what made other women decide when enough was enough.

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