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5 Ways to Diffuse an Angry Argument

You close your eyes and like magnets they pry open and stare at the empty space next to you in the bed. It’s the space you’re supposed to be sharing with the love of your life, but instead here you are alone and there he is tossing and turning on the, equally as lonely, couch all because of an angry argument.  

Regardless of which one of you was wrong or right, in the end, you both came out on the losing side. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to be tossing and turning in bed together under much “happier” conditions?

Unfortunately, unless you were born somewhere other than planet Earth, if you’re in a relationship, disagreements will arise. The good news is that these differences aren’t the culprits behind sinking relationships. In fact, working through these problems often makes the relationship stronger.

The bad news is that if you allow a hot head full of anger to handle the way you confront these disputes then you are more than likely going to end up submerged in vexation and stuck in a no-win situation. 

Instead of getting stuck between a rock and a hard place the next time your loving husband loses his thoughtfulness and decides to buy you his favorite video game for your birthday, be prepared with the right problem-solving strategies. The trick to saving yourself from a night of lonesome frustration is to understand how to handle and take charge of the matter directly and not let yourself get caught up in the tug-of-war of who-did-what. Pounce on these 5 effective strategies and learn how to diffuse an angry argument.

1. Be In the Moment:
“Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything.”
-- Unknown.
While you may not be able to control his actions, you can control your own… if you stay grounded. This is the most important step in the diffusion process; It’s also the most difficult one. 
 How to do it--Stop yourself and get in tune before you utter a single word about how his actions made you feel. Take a deep breath -- and another -- and then count to 10 before committing yourself to any action. If you can’t shake the anger, get away for a minute. Take a walk, go into another room. Just stop before you start.

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