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Caution! 10 Signs It Might Be Over

You vowed til death do you part. However, judging by your partner’s recent actions, something is about to expire and more than likely it’s your marriage, not you. More than half of all marriages end in divorce, and many men and women find themselves blindsided by the realization that their blessed union has quickly come to an end.

That begs the question. Does a marriage fall apart overnight or does it deteriorate over time? If you suspect you and your partner are on shaky ground, it’s time to put your marriage under the microscope and make sure you’re not overlooking some serious red flags. Here are 10 warning signs that may be screaming the end is near.

  1. He’s no longer communicating with you – Forget discussing the serious issues such as your sex life, your finances or your children, you can’t even nail him down regarding whether he’d prefer chocolate or vanilla. If you feel like you’re being shut out, there’s a good chance you are.
  2. He refuses to talk about the future – You’ve tried planning a family vacation, but he blows it off with comments like “who knows what the future holds.” No matter how hard you try to get him to commit to an event, trip or activity in the distance, he refuses to bite. Why? Because he may not see you in his future.
  3. He doesn’t spend any time with you – He leaves for work before you’ve even rolled out of bed, and he comes home long after you’re asleep. He claims it’s all in the name of his job. Use your intuition and read between the lines. If he comes up with every excuse in the book to stay away, the move he’s looking to make has nothing to do with his career.
  4. He finds reasons to leave the house – He goes out to get milk, but comes back empty-handed. He swears he’s going to buy a tool, but they always seem to have run out. Oh, somebody is running out, and it’s likely him… running out on his marriage, that is.
  5. He spends A LOT of time on the phone and makes sure you can’t hear his conversations – He’s talking to someone, and it’s likely not his grandmother. You see the way he laughs and smiles. You remember when he used to grin that way when he talked to you. Wake up, sister. You’re about to be replaced.   
  6. He’s no longer interested in you sexually – No matter how much you beg and plead, he won’t give it up. He’s not in the mood. He’s tired. He’s got too much on his mind. If you can’t remember the last time you had sex, there’s a good chance your dry spell is about to get even longer.
  7. He talks about other women all of the time – It’s okay for your partner to have friends of the opposite sex, but it’s not okay for them to come before you. If he’s putting more energy into his so-called friendships with other women than his marriage to you, your days of being number one have probably come to an end.
  8. He’s keeping money in a secret account – It’s the type of discovery that will take your breath away. You’ve stumbled on an account filled with fat cash, and it’s only in his name. Sister, brace yourself. If he hasn’t told you about the account, there’s a good reason he’s saving for that “rainy day” on the down low.
  9. He doesn’t make the holidays special – No card. No candy. No present. No problem? Wrong. Is he one of those guys who lets the holidays slip by without so much as a card? Maybe it’s not in his makeup to extend caring gestures. Or maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t care about how you feel.  
  10. He finds something wrong with everything you do – You’re not affectionate enough. You nag too much. You don’t care about his feelings. He’s always busy telling you about what you don’t do and never acknowledging what you do do. Face it, he doesn’t appreciate you and there’s a good chance he’ll soon use his lame excuses to bail out of your dying relationship.  

Just because your significant other is guilty of one or two of the above doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship may soon RIP. But if you start noticing a pattern, it’s time to prepare yourself for the fact that the end is near.

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