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Why Men Love Dogs More Than Women

Mystery Man's Musings

“Why My Labrador Retriever Is Better Than Any Member of the ‘Girl Nation’”

Okay, I could no longer sit by and read the femi-nazis blog here and bash my fellow male brethren.  So, here I am, entering the blogging universe, to defend all that is right, and all that is male! 

Now, you are free to read my articles, which focus more on balanced views concerning men and women, and are generally here to give women a male’s point of view on larger relationship topics. 

My blog, however, is designed to address what I see as all of these petty, petty, nit picky issues raised by the legion of female bloggers on this site.  So without further introduction, here we go, GIRL NATION BEWARE!!!

This afternoon I was driving with my 1 year old Labrador retriever when who do you think rolls up right next to me at the stop light . . . my very sexy, very slutty, very co-dependant, very draining ex-girlfriend, we’ll call her the VC.  As I looked over and saw the VC, my usually happy-go-lucky, love the world, pup began to growl, and snarl and bark directly at her as she rolled down her window w/ a big smile, and a very fake “Heeelllllooooooo.” 

Too bad I didn’t have the lab when she and I dated.  We exchanged hellos, she liked the pup, the light turned green and away she sped.

As I drove a few things crossed my mind.   First, how smart is my hound!!!!  She knew that the VC was bad news by scent only.  Second, I realized that in the 8 months I dated the VC, this was the first and only encounter where she didn’t have some question, interrogation, comment, or complaint about everything that is me. 

This was a women, who, when I took too long to fix my washer and dryer, told me that my delay made her wonder that if we were to get married and a baby was on the way, would I delay in getting the nursery ready.  It takes a special person to relate the importance of a washer-dryer repair to the readiness of a nursery for a HUMAN BEING!!!  See the difference, machine versus man… maybe I was dating Justiceandtruth and just didn’t know it.

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